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James Marsters Dragon Warriors:Great News! WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION & Rewards Update | @DWarriorsMovie

Great News! WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION and Rewards Update

Dragon Warriors!

It's official! We have come to a deal with a very trusted name in Hollywood and we are proud to announce that Samuel Goldwyn Films will be distributing Dragon Warriors in the US and Canada!  We are also glad to announce that Koan Inc., will be taking the film worldwide as our international sales partner! Congrats to all of our backers and the cast and crew!!! WE DID IT!

 Now we know what you are thinking...

"This is amazing! I can't believe I was a part of making such a great film spread across the world, I am awesome! This is truly the little film that could...also when do i get my glorious rewards for helping out?"

Well here is an update on the rewards.  We are going to start sending out all the lower tier digital rewards this week. The Digital Poster, the Digital Script, the Song and Soundtrack. So start looking for them in your email. BUT because we are now signed with a big distributor, due to legal obligations, they are making us hold back the fulfillment of the digital download of the movie and the physical DVDs and Blu-rays until closer to their official release date. 

Trust us, we tried to get them to allow us to send out the film to our loyal backers early, we promised them that our fans would never leak the film to torrent sites or bootleg the film, but their legal contracts with iTunes and other distributors prevented us from releasing it before their actual street date.  They are telling us that the street date is currently set for the beginning of March, 2016. So we won't be able to send out the rest of the rewards until the week of the release.

We know that makes a lot of us a bit sick to our stomachs as we have all been waiting so long to see it, but please remember that the goal was to make a quality film for the world to see, something that you will be proud of. Now you can be even more proud knowing that the film you contributed to will see a worldwide audience because of the collected efforts of everyone involved.  

"I'm so proud of you all" -James
"I'm so proud of you all" -James

So please be patient and kind with us as we feverishly prepare the rewards and await sending them out.  We are working with the distributor so we can get the film to you BEFORE it is available to the public but probably within a week of the release. Those of you that were able to see the premiere can vouch that we have not been sitting around lazily, but instead we have been working countless hours to bring this film to you. We are happy with it, James is thrilled about it and we literally can't wait to bring it to you this coming March!

Thanks for your support and Stay tuned for more updates about Festivals and Con-Screenings!

Take Care,

Dragon Warriors Team

 PS Those of you who are in the Chicago area, please come out to the Screening of Dragon Warriors at the Chicago Comedy Film festival!  Get your tickets here.


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