jamie_marsters (dontkillspike) wrote,

James Marsters Performs at Le Grand Rex in Paris (Photo) | @JamesMarstersOf / @JustineVeillot

@JamesMarstersOf 11:02 AM
Guilluame: "Hey, do you want to play at Le Grand Rex tonight?"
Me: "Sure"

Thank God I found a pick in my luggage! pic.twitter.com/zAyzD9sudJ

james marsters paris concert 2015-10-28

@JustineVeillot 11:00 AM
Merci ! James a fait une apparition surprise sur scène au Grd Rex ! Il a chanté 2 morceaux devant un public heureux twitter.com/jamie_marsters…
Thank you! James made a surprise appearance onstage at the Grd Rex! He sang 2 songs with an audience happy https://twitter.com/jamie_marsters/status/659475198027038720

Guilluame: "Hey, do you want to play at Le Grand Rex tonight?"Me: "Sure"Thank God I found a pick in my luggage! https://twitter.com/JamesMarstersOf/status/659520726890881024

Posted by James Marsters - The Official Page on Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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