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James Marsters Schedule

Saturday Nov 07               Sunday Nov 08

10:25 AM                             10:30 AM
James Marsters AM               James Marsters AM
Photo Ops A                         Photo Ops A

1:55 PM                               1:30 PM
James Marsters PM               James Marsters PM
Photos Ops A                       Photo Ops A

2:30 PM                               2:05 PM
James Marsters Costume      James Marsters Costume
Photo Ops A                         Photo Ops A

3:00 PM                              3:45 PM
James Marsters Talk            James Marsters Talk
Stage                                 Stage

Brighton Photo Shoot and Talk Schedule

Started by Too Tall , Today, 10:04 AM

Split photo shoots (those ending in AM and PM!) - You can go to either the morning or afternoon sessions.

If you have a batch 2 or higher ticket you may be asked to come back for the afternoon session if we run out of time in the morning session. If you have a batch 2 or higher ticket and can not make the afternoon session please talk to the crew who will do their best to get you through the morning session.

Prop shoots - These are £5 each and are paid for at the time. This does not include the John Hurt green screen shoot.

Cosplay - Please discuss this with the cosplay crew on the day.

Talks - All talks are free apart from James Marsters and John Hurt. All talks are on a first come first served basis.






Tags: cast: james marsters, event: brighton film & comic con 2015

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