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Supa star is a sci-fi Marster (James Marsters @ Supanova)

Supa star is a sci-fi Marster

Supa star is a sci-fi Marster
Sci-fi hero James Marsters

SUPANOVA guest and favourite of sci-fi/fantasy fans James Marsters has no qualms about questions from fans. Except for the things he cannot talk about.

Such as the super-secret pilot for a new show he has been filming recently in Waikiki.

Having answered thousands of fan questions on similar occasions, Marsters is happy to embrace any subject visitors to pop culture expos want to ask.

“I love the fans, life is that sweet,” he said.

A talented muso as well as an all-round busy actor, he jokingly refers to himself as “the poor man’s Grateful Dead”.

Although best known for his role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the cult star has also featured in Smallville, Torchwood, Dragonball Evolution, Andromeda, Millennium and the animated serials Superman, Doomsday, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Spiderman.

Other celebrities to inhabit Supanova, answer questions, pose for photos and sign autographs include Twilight New Moon’s Alex Meraz and Lord of the Rings star Karl Urban.

At the expo, fans can also enjoy movie previews, gaming demonstrations and competitions.
Supanova Pop Culture Expo happens April 9-11 at the RNA Showgrounds.

Visit http://www.supanova.com.au.


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