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KLZ Events Buffy+Angel FanMeet Postponed to January 30-31 (inc videos) | @JamesMarstersOf

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Due to heightened security in Brussels, we've worked w/ @KLZ_Events 2 reschedule. Please see my FB post for details.

Due to the recent tragic attacks in Paris and heightened security concerns in Brussels, myself and my fellow actors thought it best to postpone the upcoming KLZ Events FanMeet originally scheduled for December 12/13.

The team at KLZ Productions have been nothing short of fantastic working with us so we can announce the new date - January 30/31, 2016.

We're very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause those who were planning on attending the original dates and sincerely hope you will join us January 30/31, 2016. I know we'll want to make this a very special weekend for all!

Official Website:

Official shop: http://www.klzevents.com/BuffyAngelFANMEET/Shop/es/

Buffy and Angel FanMeet in Brussels, Official web page
Buffy+Angel KLZ Events Teen Wolf Convention in Brussels, Official web page
klzevents.com | By Úrsula López Sorribes

Due to the recent tragic attacks in Paris and heightened security concerns in Brussels, myself and my fellow actors...

Posted by James Marsters - The Official Page on Wednesday, December 2, 2015

02/12/2015 Important event update

Hello everybody,

due the fatal terrorist attack occurred in Paris (France) and the latest news of the situation that the city of Brussels was lived in the past days, the guests of BuffyAngelFanMeet requested the organization to postpone the event. As it’s the intention of all the parties to make the best event possible and knowing we cannot do the event without guests, BuffyAngelFanMeet has been moved to the weekend of January 30th and 31th, 2016.



New dates: January 30th and 31th.

Venue: we cannot confirm the venue of the event yet due availability of Hotel Bloom. However, we hope to have news in the upcoming days. If you made the reservation there by our side, your reservation will be authomatically cancelled with no charges. Please, understand we cannot do anything with your own reservations of hotel or flights.

Guests, tickets and extras: Guests will be the same, JAMES MARSTERS, NICHOLAS BRENDON, CLARE KRAMER and KRISTINE SUTHERLAND. All passes will be valid for the new dates and also extras.

Compensation: Due the problems this situation might cause to you, from KLZ Events we want to compensate everybody who will come to the new dates with an extra autograph of one of the confirmed guests (just people who have the ticket paid until December 2nd, 2015). People will be able to choose it during the registration time on Saturday January 30th between 7.45am to 9.30am.

Also, if you cannot come to the event at the end, you will be able to sell your ticket or give it to other person. Just send an email when you sell it with the informations (complete name, location and email) of the new owner.

Special activities: JAMES MARSTERS, NICHOLAS BRENDON, CLARE KRAMER & KRISTINE SUTHERLAND will offer two special lunch with 10 fans everyone.

NICHOLAS + KRISTINE – Saturday January 30th. Special price ~ 110€

JAMES + CLARE – Sunday January 31th. Special price ~ 110€

More informations in the website, zone LUNCH. You can buy it from now in the shop.

Charisma refunds and changes: You will be able to ask the refund after the event on Sunday January 31th as we spicified in the cancellation informations. About changes, you will be able to do it also during the whole event in our merchandise zone.

And we are thinking to have a fifth guest as a bonus guest!! Just stay tuned to our news.

Thanks everybody for your support and understanding in these difficult moments.

KLZ Events

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