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James Marsters' Dudes & Dragons: Theatrical Release Indiegogo Update (inc video) | @DWarriorsMovie

In the immortal words of Bon Jovi....

"Whoa-oh we're halfway there. Whoa-oh livin' on a prayer!"

Thanks to the several backers who have answered our prayers so far and backed DUDES & DRAGONS for our theatrical release.  To show our gratitude to you we wanted to share this behind the scenes video with you.

This should give you an idea of how much work went into this project and why we think it deserves a theatrical release!  

Those of you who have already pledged, we thank you tremendously. Please keep spreading the word to friends and family.  We are sure you are going to love your perks.

A quick reminder, if you are outside of the US or Canada, the film will retain it's original name "Dragon Warriors" so if you are outside the US or Canada your DVDs will have the original name and will be region free. Thanks for all your great questions.

Help us get to the finish line!!!


Maclain Nelson and Stephen Shimek


Contribute Now!!
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