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James Marsters DUDES & DRAGONS Hollywood Premiere Photos | @GettyImages

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    Sat, 12:01: Pics of the Day: @ JamesMarstersOf & @ JasminMarsters1 at the 2016 @ DudesandDragons premiere #JamesMarsters……

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    Pics of the Day: @JamesMarstersOf at the @DudesandDragons premiere #JamesMarsters #DudesandDragons @DWarriorsMovie #DragonWarriors

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    Sun, 12:01: Pics of the Day: @ JamesMarstersOf at the @ DudesandDragons premiere in 2016 #JamesMarsters @ DWarriorsMovie……

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    Thu, 12:12: Pics of the Day: @ JamesMarstersOf behind the scenes of @ DudesandDragons #JamesMarsters @ DWarriorsMovie……

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    Mon, 12:03: Pic of the Day: @ JamesMarstersOf as Lord Tensley in @ DWarriorsMovie #JamesMarsters @ DudesandDragons… https://t.co/n1djpa4DuG…

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    Don't forget I'll be announcing the winner of my @JamesMarstersOf CD giveaway in a couple days ( https://t.co/r1FdnVh4Qa), so if you…

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    Wed, 12:06: .@ Peckapalooza | Rewatching #Buffy – Episode 74 "Where the Wild Things Are" @ JamesMarstersOf @ SarahMGellar……

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    Wed, 12:07: Thanks for the recent follow @ greggsulkincom @ VingaGjerstad Welcome to the madhouse! 😜 Have a great Wednesday. ➡️🆓…

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    Mon, 12:13: Thanks for the retweets this week @ jamieotfollow @ Slayerfrench @ SupportSpike much appreciated! ➡️Want this 🆓❓…

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