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James Marsters Talks About His Latest Film: DUDES & DRAGONS (Interview) | @SciFi4Me

James Marsters Talks About His Latest Film: DUDES & DRAGONS

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“I sat down and I read the first 10 pages and I was confused…”

…then I kept reading and I loved it.” That is what actor James Marsters had to say about his most recent film Dudes & Dragons, which is being released on VOD, DVD, and other streaming platforms today.


And I have to say, as I began watching the film, my initial reaction was similar to Marsters’ when he first sat down with the script. At first, it seems stilted, over the top, and a little bit cheesy. But as the story continues, you begin to realize the characters are winking back at you, and the film becomes not just enjoyable but down right hilarious. It’s a fun, fast-paced, fantasy laugh-fest, so it’s no surprise that it won Best Feature Film at DragonCon last year.


Dudes & Dragons is a Kickstarter funded fantasy comedy about a love scorned wizard named Lord Tensley (Marsters) who vows to rid the world of the silly emotion by way of a deadly fire-breathing dragon. A brave, but rag-tag bunch of eccentric warriors must go on a dangerous quest to defeat the evil Tensley, slay the beast, and rescue the beautiful Ennogard (Kaitlin Doubleday of FOX’s Empire).  In celebration of the wide release of the film, I talked with James Marsters to find out more about Dudes & Dragons, his career in SciFi, and what’s next.

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