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DKSC Website Update

Just a quick update today: I've added to the Links page, as well as removed a dead link and updated the index page as well. Like I said, a real quick one. :)

Check out the update @ http://dontkillspike.50webs.com

On an LJ-related note: You may have noticed that the DKSC Twitter Updates that are automatically posted to this LJ from LoudTwitter.com haven't been coming through, as of yesterday. I'm not entirely sure what the problem is, except I can't access the LoudTwitter website at all, so it's obviously an issue on their end. (Anyone else having that problem, or is it just me?) Hopefully whatever the problem is will be fixed soon, but if it isn't I'll see if I can find another site that will do the same thing. So, does anyone have any suggestions?

Founder of the Don't Kill Spike Club
http://dontkillspike.proboards.com (All Whedonverse)
Tags: cast: james marsters, dksc website update, twitter updates

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