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Wizard World: James Marsters Still Plays A Lot Of Resogun (Interview) | @app_trigger

Wizard World: James Marsters Still Plays A Lot Of Resogun

James Marsters takes his PlayStation 4 with him everywhere.

Wizard World is happening this weekend in St. Louis! And this year there has been a bigger gaming presence than ever before with Bandai Namco putting on a huge gaming stage with tournaments involving pretty nice cash prizes for games such as Tekken 7 and Street Fighter V.

Some celebrities are pretty big gamers too. One of those is actor James Marsters, best known for his roles as Spike on Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel a well as Braniac on Smallville. And he’s appearing at Wizard World all throughout the weekend for fan photo ops and autographs as well as doing a panel or two. Yesterday, James Marsters actually got on the gaming stage at Wizard World and played some rounds of Street Fighter V with lucky fans (though honestly he didn’t do too well).

App Trigger got to talk with James Marsters about what he’s playing currently and what games he is looking forward to trying out soon:

I’m a huge gamer. My wife thinks I’m a little too huge of a gamer. I’m playing The Division, I’m waiting for Fallout 4 DLC because I went through the latest DLC for Fallout 4 in like two days. I love that game. But right now it’s The Division, and I’m going to be getting into Far Cry Primal tonight. And then Resogun. I’m like 97th or 100th in the country in Resogun.

I’m really looking to Uncharted 4. And Ratchet and Clank. I’ll probably see the movie. But on a plane. I see all movies on planes.

So if you are playing The Division or Resogun, you might be playing with (or against) James Marsters and not even know it! James Marsters, other celebrities and tons of games will be at Wizard World all weekend, be sure to check the official Wizard World site for more details and go over to Caped Crusades for the other half of this interview where he answers the question of Batman or Superman and about if he’d be in for a Buffy or Angel reunion.

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