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Motor City Comic Con Panel & Photo Ops Schedules (inc James Marsters) | @MotCityComicCon

James Marsters Schedule:

Friday May 13

Saturday May 14

Sunday May 15

2:00 PM

4:30 PM

12:30 PM

James the Panel Slayer with James Marsters

James Marsters Photos Ops

James Marsters Photo Ops

Room 1

Room 2

Room 1




3:30 PM



James Marsters Photo Ops



Room 1



Panel Schedule

Friday, May 13th

2:00pm  Speaker Room 1

James the Panel Slayer with James Marsters

Meet James Marsters, Buffy’s Spike, the buff vampire for the Buffy buff in all of us. He’ll take questions from the audience and give a behind the scenes look at his fan-favorite, cult-classic TV show.

2:00pm  Speaker Room 3

Sketch Duel: Stéphane Roux vs. Nick Bradshaw

French artist Stéphane Roux (Harley Quinn & Power Girl) squares off against Canadian Nick Bradshaw (Spidey)… An epic duel!

2:00pm  Speaker Room 5

Now That’s What I’m Tolkien About with Graham McTavish

Head on down to Speaker Room 5, after you’ve had your second breakfast, to join actor Graham McTavish as he walks you through his roles as Dwalin in The Hobbit trilogy and Dougal MacKenzie in Outlander, as well as, answering your questions.

3:00pm  Speaker Room 2

How To Survive a Sharknado with Tara Reid and Ian Ziering

Join the two stars of the Sharknado franchise as they teach you how to survive the dreaded Shark-tornado hybrid and find out what’s next for the Wexler’s.  So take a Bite out of life because this panel is sure to Blow you away!

3:00pm  Speaker Room 3

Makebettercomics.com presents: WRITE BETTER COMICS

Hosted by MakeBetterComics.com writer and editor, Josh Dahl, this panel is targeted toward those attendees who are interested in making their own comic books. The panel will cover the fundamental areas of mastery essential to writing good comics. Attendees who take notes or request the free digital guides will leave with specific tasks and and checklists that they can use THAT DAY to start making better comics.

Host: Josh Dahl has almost 20 years of experience teaching and writing comics. He’s worked in talk radio and done stand-up comedy.

3:00pm  Speaker Room 4

Bob Layton- A Man of Iron

A one-of-a-kind storyteller whose talents stretch from the page to the stage, Bob Layton will blow your mind with his pull-no-punches tales from the industry and beyond! From getting Iron Man drunk to creating Valiant comics to his work in Hollywood, you’ll be glad you were in the room for this one!

3:00pm  Speaker Room 5

Panelville with Allison Mack

Meet the dynamic Smallville star, Allison Mack, as she discusses her role as Chloe Sullivan and looks back at her beloved TV show.

4:00pm  Speaker Room 1

Meet The Comic Book Men with Ming Chen and Michael Zapcic

Come and discover the ins, the outs, and all the shenanigans in between of working at the Comic Book Store featured on AMC TV’s hit reality show “Comic Book Men” – Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash! Comic Book Men Ming Chen and Mike Zapcic tell you what its like to work with Kevin Smith, Jason Mewes, Walt Flanagan and Bryan Johnson and answer any of your questions about the exciting world of pop culture, reality TV and comic book fandom.

4:00pm  Speaker Room 3

Sketch Duel: Jim Calafiore vs. Matthew Clark vs. Tom Raney

A trio of excitement! As Matthew Clark (Batman: Arkham Knight: Batgirl & Harley Quinn) Tom Raney (DC/Marvel cover artist) & Jim Calafiore (Red Lanterns/Exiles). Not 1 but 3 lucky fans will win an original drawing by this trio of talent.

4:00pm  Speaker Room 4

Get Your Cosplay On with Ivy Doomkitty

Join veteran Cosplayer Ivy Doomkitty who will tell you everything you need to know about dressing up in costumes and going out in public. From wardrobe malfunctions to crazy fans, to how to construct your own costumes, Ivy tells all! She’ll give you the inside scoop on the ultimate in spandex fandom as well cosplay contest tips and tricks including an open Q&A session.

4:30pm  Speaker Room 5

Join the Alliance with Garrick Hagon

Listen up as Star Wars’ Biggs, famously played by Garrick Hagon, takes you on a journey to a galaxy far, far away.  Just to clarify he will be in Speaker Room 5…. We don’t want you looking around in Alderon places!

5:00pm  Speaker Room 4

Workshop: The Art of Inking

Scott Hanna, Mark Morales & Joe Weems have inked thousands of pages on some of the biggest books ever!! Find out from these pros what the process is like working on great titles with a variety of artists.

5:30pm  Speaker Room 5

The 100 Roles of Brenda Strong

Join veteran actress Brenda Strong as she discusses her past career of over 100 roles, and what’s next for her on her hit TV show The 100.  Watch as this ice queen melts your heart with her wit and charm.   

Saturday, May 14th

12:00pm  Speaker Room 3

Body Confidence and Positivity in Cosplay with Ivy Doomkitty

Notable cosplayers in the community discuss their personal experiences and troubles with body issues ranging from age, body type/size, gender, LGBT, skin color, disabilities, and more. Discussion on how to overcome these issues as well as open Q&A. After all, cosplay is for everyone and is not limited to one demographic!

12:00pm  Speaker Room 4

Behind the Mic: Podcasting with the Pros

Join Derek Becker from Comic Pros & Cons and J.M. Clark from An Elegant Weapon as they lead a discussion on the world of podcasting in today’s market.  The duo will join with other podcasters to talk about how to start a podcast, the importance of relationships within your field, and how there is no one path that will lead to success. Whether you’re just starting a podcast, have been putting one out for years, or are just curious about what goes into creating a podcast, this is the panel for you.

12:30pm  Speaker Room 1

He Has A Way With Words: Q&A with Robbie Thompson

Multi-talented writer and Michigan native, Robbie Thompson stops by the Motor City Comic Con to talk about his accomplished writing for CW’s hit TV show Supernatural and Marvel’s Comic Book Silk, and answer questions from the audience.

12:30pm  Speaker Room 2

A Live Special Effects Makeup Demo with Face Off’s Daniel Phillips

Come and check out Daniels biggest comic con makeup to date! He has decided to take this demo to a whole new level and challenge himself to do one of the coolest character makeups from one of the coolest shows…THE WHITE WALKER KING from GAME OF THRONES!   This will be a full silicone makeup and it’s going to be epic. So please join Daniel and get ready to see a once in a lifetime transformation….THE WHITE WALKER is ready! Snow will begin to fall at Motor City Comic Con! Note: A special photo op with the White Walker in the Zombie photo booth at Daniels booth will follow the makeup demo for one hour. $20 for one to two people and $25 for three to four people.

12:30pm  Speaker Room 5

The Q&A-Files with William B. Davis and Mitch Pileggi

Do you still want to believe?  Then join in as William B. Davis and Mitch Pileggi talk about their experiences then and now, and discuss the revival of their infamous roles on The X-Files. Luckily, this panel isn’t FBI classified.

1:00pm  Speaker Room 3

Sketch Duel: Phil Jimenez vs. Joe Prado

Prepare to be dazzled by these two amazing artist. Both have drawn 1,000’s of pages! Contributed 100’s of amazing covers on all your favorite titles.  Get ready for the pride and joy of Brazil Joe Prado and NYC’s very own Phil Jimenez to pen out some killer lines!

1:30pm  Speaker Room 5

Once a Goodfella, always a Good fella with Paul Sorvino

Try not to mob the stage as outstanding actor and iconic wiseguy Paul Sorvino recounts his role as crime boss Paul Cicero.  Goodfellas taught us to never rat on your friends, and always keep your mouth shut, only the first part will stay true as Sorvino opens up and tells all in this exciting Q&A.

2:00pm  Speaker Room 1

Panel’s Daredevil with Jon Bernthal and Elden Henson

It’s Daredevil’s own Jon Bernthal and Elden Henson, coming all the way from Hells Kitchen to answer your fan questions! They’ll give you a behind the scenes look at their hit TV show, which will be anything but a punishment.   We dare you to not be entertained by this panel!

2:00pm  Speaker Room 2

Who’s Panel with Billie Piper

Who’s Panel?  PIPE down and we’ll tell you, it’s the one and only Billie Piper! Meet the dynamic Dr. Who star, as she takes your questions and gives you the inside scoop on all things companion.

2:00pm  Speaker Room 4

WRITE OR WRONG: “How to Manage Your Brand As a Creator”

Writer/Creator Dirk Manning (Image Comics, Devil’s Due, Big Dog Ink, WRITE OR WRONG) discusses how to build your personal brand as an aspiring writer or artist in order to get others to notice your creator-owned comics in this informative and entertaining panel. Topics discussed include networking, collaboration with other creators, Kickstarter, and more! If doing the “desk work” is only the first step, what comes next? Come hear this veteran and inspiring creator guide you through the steps to success!

2:30pm  Speaker Room 3

Writing Comics For Kids with Dave Aikins, Katie Cook, & Jay P. Fosgitt

Who’s behind the comic versions of the cartoons you love? How are they different from the shows? What rules do they have to follow? Get the behind-the-scenes word from the folks in the know, and maybe get some tips for getting into the business!

2:30pm  Speaker Room 5

The Panel Diaries with Michael Trevino

Meet actor Michael Trevino as he talks about his role as Tyler Lockwood on the CW’s hit series The Vampire Diaries, as well as taking your questions, making you say, ‘Fangs for stopping by!’

3:00pm  Speaker Room 2

Set Phasers To Panel with Brent Spiner

Join Lieutenant Commander Data as he regales you with stories from his time on the Enterprise and takes questions from the audience.   Trust us, this star is worth the trek to Speaker Room 2!

3:30pm  Speaker Room 1

Game of Panels with Lena Headey

Come see the wicked witch of Westeros, Lena Headey, as she talks all thing Game of Thrones, 300, Dredd, and Sarah Connor.  She’ll share stories from the GOT set, speculate about season 6, and discuss upcoming projects.  It would be a shame to miss it!

3:30pm  Speaker Room 3

David & Meredith Finch: Comics Wonder Couple

The Amazon Princess has never been so exciting. The last dozen or so issues have seen an incredible turn with the amazing collaboration of David & Meredith Finch! David’s detailed pencils explode off the pages with Meredith’s intense writing! And now with their run ending on Wonder Woman let’s find out what’s coming up next for them in the world of comics

3:30pm  Speaker Room 4

The Real X-Files: What TV Won’t Tell You with John E.L. Tenney

Explore the real X-Files with paranormal Researcher John E.L. Tenney. From the largest UFO sightings in history to alien abductions and beyond. See real government documents and find out if the truth is really out there.

3:30pm  Speaker Room 5

Tails from Beacon Hills with Seth Gilliam and Holland Roden

Join the Teen Wolf stars Seth Gilliam and Holland Roden as they discuss their series as well as share stories from Beacon Hills.  Make sure not to miss this howling good time!

4:30pm  Speaker Room 5

Spotlight On Neal Adams

One of comicdom’s most outspoken minds, Neal will dazzle you with tales of his work from the silver age, and share his opinions about, well, pretty much anything and everything! You never know what’s going to happen when Neal Adams is on the mic!

5:00pm – 7:30pm  Speaker Rooms 1 & 2 Combined


Whether you’re participating or Costume-Watching you definitely don’t want to miss the Motor City Cosplay action!

6:00pm  Speaker Room 4

Jason David Frank Meet & Greet – A Paid Event

Private function that includes, your own camera photo op with Jason David Frank, refreshments and light food and Jason David Frank speaks for approximately 5-10 minutes followed by Q&A.  Buy tickets at Jason David Franks Booth!

Sunday, May 15th

11:00am – 1:30pm  Speaker Room 4

Kids Creative Corner

Calling kids of all ages to come on down to Speaker Room 4 for some creative fun!

12:00pm  Speaker Room 1

Walking Dead or Alive

Walk… Don’t run your way down to the panel of your favorite past and current characters of The Walking Dead.  Catch with Seth Gilliam, Josh McDermitt, and Sonequa Martin-Green on the MCCC stage where they’ll answer fan questions and share behind the scene stories.  Bring your zombie apocalypse survival kit just in case!

12:00pm  Speaker Room 5

You Sound Familiar- The Man Behind the Voice

Join voice actor Christopher Sabat as he discusses his amusing craft and take questions from the audience. Trust us with this one, you’ll like what you hear!

12:30pm  Speaker Room 2

Everyone’s favorite Buddy: Kristy McNichol

If you grew up in the 70’s & 80’s this Little Darling was a part of your Family weekly in your living room. A two time Emmy Award winner for Best Supporting Actress and very talented singer/performer! Join us as we discuss with Kristy her 30 year career in Film & Television.

12:30pm  Speaker Room 3

Sketch Duel: Kaare Andrews vs. Ken Lashley

It’s an all Canadian battle! Kaare Andrews (Iron Fist) Vancouver’s favorite son and Ken Lashley (Uncanny X-men) Toronto’s very own. As East meets West let see what these two draw for you the lucky fans!

1:00pm  Speaker Room 1

Holy Golden Anniversary Batman!

Marking it’s 50th anniversary, the dynamic duo and stars of Batman, Adam West and Burt Ward have dropped by The Motor City Comic Con to take your questions and discuss their infamous TV show.  With the inside scoop and behind the scene stories in their utility belts, this event will leave you saying, “Holy Panel Batman!” Note:  You won’t want to miss this since it’s their last year of Con appearances before hanging up their capes.

1:30pm  Speaker Room 2

Back to the Panel with Lea Thompson

Take the time to travel down to Speaker Room 2 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Back to the Future with star Lea Thompson.  She’ll take fan questions and give you a behind the scenes look of her beloved movie that will leave you saying, “Great Scott!”.   Note: Hoverboard parking is not available.

1:30pm  Speaker Room 3

Comic Book Movies: Have We Reached Peak Geek?

Superhero films keep hitting new heights, but how high can they possibly go? How did they get so massive? We’ll discuss the state of nerd cinema, how things got where they are, and where they’re going. Hosted by: Andrew Walsh

1:30pm  Speaker Room 5

Spotlight On Alan Davis

One of England’s greatest treasures makes a rare North American appearance! Alan’s EXCALIBUR and CLANDESTINE are two of the most fun and unique titles of their era, and now you can get a British perspective on the comics industry!

2:00pm  Speaker Room 1

Z is for Zombies with Keith Allan and Malcolm Goodwin

In this post-apocalyptic panel we get to know some of the stars of Syfy’s hit show Z Nation and CW’s iZombie. Join Keith Allan and Malcolm Goodwin as they take your fan questions and talk all things zombies!  Will you enjoy yourself?  Of Corpse!

2:00pm  Speaker Room 4

Kids Cosplay Contest

Calling all kids ages 12 and under to come out and strut their stuff at the Motor City Comic Con Kids Cosplay Contest!  The contest is sponsored by the 501st Great Lakes Garrison Legion.

2:30pm  Speaker Room 3

Sketch Duel: Chrissie Zullo vs. Nen vs. Danica Brine vs. Katie Cook

A femme four way! Wrap up the weekend at MCCC with these incredibly talented ladies! This duel has a bit of everything! A painter, cartoonist and so much more. Don’t miss out as four lucky fans win some amazing art.

Photo Ops Schedule

Friday, May 13

Room 1 Room 2
1:30 PM Alexandra Breckenridge 1:30 PM Seth Gilliam
2:00 PM Comic Book Men 2:15 PM Terry Jones
2:30 PM Josh McDermitt 2:45 PM William B Davis/Mitch Pileggi/X-Files Team Up
3:15 PM Graham McTavish 3:30 PM Jason David Frank
3:30 PM James Marsters 4:00 PM Brenda Strong
4:30 PM Ian Ziering/Tara Reid/Sharknado Team Up 4:15 PM Allison Mack
5:15 PM Kristy McNichol 5:00 PM Michael Nesmith
5:45 PM Garrick Hagon 6:00 PM Paul Sorvino
6:15 PM Brent Spiner

Saturday, May 14

Room 1 Room 2
12:30 PM Comic Book Men 12:30 PM Alexandra Breckenridge
12:45 PM Lea Thompson 12:45 PM Seth Gilliam
1:00 PM 4 Horsemen 1:00 PM Face Off Team Up
1:30 PM Ric flair 1:15 PM Josh MdDermitt
2:30 PM Garrick Hagon 1:30 PM Sonequa Martin-Green
3:30 PM Billie Piper 1:45 PM William B Davis/Mitch Pileggi/X-Files Team Up
4:30 PM Lena Headey 2:00 PM Keith Allan
5:00 PM Elden Henson/Daredevil Team Up 2:15 PM Allison Mack
5:15 PM Jon Bernthal 2:30 PM Adam West & Burt Ward
5:45 PM Walking Dead Team Up 3:15 PM Ian Ziering/Tara Reid/Sharknado Team Up
6:00 PM Brent Spiner 3:45 PM Michael Nesmith
6:15 PM Kristy McNichol 4:00 PM Paul Sorvino
4:15 PM Brenda Strong
4:30 PM James Marsters
4:45 PM Michael Trevino
5:00 PM Terry Jones
5:15 PM Graham McTavish
5:30 PM Michael Cudlitz
5:45 PM Holland Roden
6:00 PM Malcolm Goodwin

Sunday, May 15

Room 1 Room 2
12:00 PM Keith Allan 12:00 PM Ian Ziering/Tara Reid/Sharknado Team Up
12:15 PM Michael Nesmith 12:15 PM Face Off Team Up
12:30 PM James Marsters 12:30 PM William B Davis/Mitch Pileggi/X-Files Team Up
12:45 PM Billie Piper 12:45 PM Garrick Hagon
1:15 PM 4 Horsemen 1:00 PM Brenda Strong
1:30 PM Ric Flair 1:15 PM Paul Sorvino
1:45 PM Jason David Frank 1:30 PM Sonequa Martin-Green
2:00 PM Lena Headey 1:45 PM Kristy McNichol
2:30 PM Walking Dead Team Up 2:00 PM Michael Tervino
2:45 PM Lea Thompson 2:10 PM Elden Henson/Daredevil Team Up
3:00 PM Josh McDermitt 2:15 PM Jon Bernthal
3:15 PM Seth Gilliam 2:30 PM Adam West & Burt Ward
3:30 PM Graham McTavish 2:45 PM Holland Roden
3:45 PM Comic Book Men 3:00 PM Terry Jones
3:15 PM Malcolm Goodwin
3:30 PM Michael Cudlitz

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