jamie_marsters (dontkillspike) wrote,

Pilot status report: 'Hawaii Five-O' among top bets for fall (James Marsters Guests)

Pilot status report: 'Undercovers,' 'Hawaii Five-O' among top bets for fall

Rough cuts of pilots in contention for next season are starting to trickle into the broadcast networks, and some very early front-runners are emerging.

Such pole position titles are often replaced a few times during the weeding-out process as more footage comes into the networks. At this stage, name-recognition titles like CBS' "Hawaii Five-O" and NBC's "Rockford Files" continue to enjoy a halo effect, but some fresh titles are also turning heads.

>> Over on CBS, "Hawaii Five-O" sealed the deal with a pilot screening that went great.


Tags: cast: james marsters, tv: hawaii five-0

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