jamie_marsters (dontkillspike) wrote,

James Marsters & Jason Mewes Backstage at @WizardWorld Columbus (photo) | @JamesMarstersOf

@JamesMarstersOf 4:41 AM
Just saw Jason Mise in Columbus. Awesome dude. Fellow gamer! pic.twitter.com/62fyoDyvHf

James Marsters & Jason Mewes Wizard World Columbus 2016-07-30

@JamesMarstersOf 4:42 AM
Muse! Muse! Jason Muse! Damn these eyes! The 'i' is next to the 'u'!

@JamesMarstersOf 6:33 AM
Just saw @JasonMewes backstage. Awesome dude. Fellow gamer! pic.twitter.com/V6TL1pcacr

@JamesMarstersOf 6:34 AM
Yep, that was me trying one more time to spell a good man's name.

Just saw Jay Mewes at Wizard World Columbus. Awesome dude. Fellow gamer!

Posted by James Marsters - The Official Page on Saturday, July 30, 2016

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