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    Wed, 06:40: RT @ comconnortheast: COMIC CON NORTH EAST PHOTO ANNOUNCEMENT - SPIKE & DRUSILLA (JAMES & JULIET) We will be doing an…

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    Pic of the Day: That time @JamesMarstersOf official website put together a *delightful* calendar full of James' "Like A Waterfall"…

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    Pic of the Day: @JamesMarstersOf road-testing this William wig... for @BuffyTVS #5.7 "Fool for Love" #JamesMarsters #Spike #Buffy

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    Pics of the Day: Unimpressed @JamesMarstersOf is unimpressed... in @cw_spn #7.5 "Shut Up, Dr. Phil" #JamesMarsters #Supernatural

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    Pics of the Day: Mask on. Mask off. Mask on. Mask off. aka @JamesMarstersOf 'mask model' in #Millennium #3.11 "Collateral…

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    Sat, 09:08: RT @ roadkillsunday: buffy painting spikes nails commission 💅 #btvs #spuffy https://t.co/pQM34kzAjp Sat, 10:14: Watch the…

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    Pic of the Day: @JamesMarstersOf & Alex Meraz at Melbourne @SupanovaExpo 2010 #JamesMarsters #AlexMeraz #Buffy #Meets #Twilight

  • James Marsters 90s Con 2023 Reports, Pics & Videos

    Check out all the tweets, posts, photos & videos from James Marsters, Charisma Carpenter, Clare Kramer, Julie Benz, Kristine Sutherland & Marc…

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    Thu, 12:01: Pic of the Day: @ JamesMarstersOf: I have the superior cheekbones. @ jamesyaegashi: Well, I have the superior morality... bitch...…

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