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Saskatoon Expo Panel Schedule (inc James Marsters) | @SaskExpo

James Marsters Schedule:

Saturday Sep 17

Sunday Sep 18

3:15 PM

1:30 PM

James Marsters Photo Ops

Spotlight on James Marsters

Photo Op Room

Main Panel Room



7:00 PM

2:30 PM

James Marsters Live in Concert

James Marsters Photo Ops

Louis’ Pub 93 Campus Drive U of S Campus

Photo Op Room

Panel Schedule

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10:45Panel Room BWelcome to Zootopia, Population: You! Kids Animal Cosplay Workshop
11:00OutdoorSCA - Medieval Recreation Group - Outdoor Demo
11:00Panel Room ASketch Battle
11:45Panel Room BCosplay Panel
12:00Panel Room AWriting for Comics
12:45Panel Room BIntro to LARPing
1:00Panel Room ACrowdfunding for Comics
1:30Main Panel RoomSpotlight on Bob Morley
1:45Panel Room BBreaking Away from "Breaking In"
2:00OutdoorSCA - Medieval Recreation Group - Outdoor Demo
2:45Main Panel RoomSpotlight on Garrett Wang
2:45Panel Room BWorld Building
4:00Main Panel RoomSpotlight on Carrie Fisher
6:00Main Panel RoomKids Costume Showcase
6:15Main Panel RoomSaskatoon Expo Costume Contest
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10:45OutdoorSCA - Medieval Recreation Group - Outdoor Demo
10:45Panel Room BDIY Cosplay Workshop for Kids
11:00Panel Room ABalance between Marvel and Creator Owned
11:45Panel Room BCosplay Costume Breakdown
12:00Panel Room ACreating Comics in Saskatchewan
12:15Main Panel RoomStranger Things with Shannon Purser and Randall P. Havens
12:45OutdoorSCA - Medieval Recreation Group - Outdoor Demo
12:45Panel Room BWhere No Bard Has Gone Before: Star Trek & Shakespeare
1:00Panel Room AYou Might be a Cartoonist if...
1:30Main Panel RoomSpotlight on James Marsters
1:45Panel Room BGotta Go Fast (Speedrunning Video Games)
2:00Panel Room AVisual Effects and Digital Art for Cinema
2:45Main Panel RoomSpotlight on Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham
2:45Panel Room BSCA- Modern-day Medieval Armour
3:00Panel Room AIntro to Japanese Lolita Fashion
3:45Panel Room BWorbla 101

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