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Interview with James Marsters: «villains age better» (Translated from German)

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Interview with James Marsters: «villains age better».

Interview mit James Marsters: «Bösewichte altern besser»
James Marsters auf der FedCon
(c) Serienjunkies.de

Hanna Huge am Sonntag, 9.Mai 2010 12.00 Uhr

Hanna huge Serienjunkies.de editors spoke on the FedCon in Bonn and Christian Junklewitz with James Marsters about his new series Hawaii Five-O, its role in Torchwood and why he gecastet as a villain.

SJ: We will see you in the new pilots to remake Hawaii Five-O. Is it already finished?
He is just completed. I was a few days ago briefly convened so-called ADRs, additional audio recordings (additional recordings), discharge. The pilot is now at the end of post-production. I have seen some snippets and he has become really good. Allegedly, the test demonstrations run very successfully. Those responsible have invested a lot of money in the pilot and reflected in the final product. The actor Alex O'Loughlin is, Australians and a very good type.

SJ: The former Moonlight actor?
Exactly. And he can fight really great. We had a great day on the set with fight scenes, lasting almost 10 hours. The stunt man has can make only about two or three setting. Alex and I just did the rest. He is a certified fight Coordinator and I made a lot of fighting on the stage and film that I am quite well familiar. It was great.

SJ: Who would win because a real fight? Alex O'Loughlin or James Marsters?
In real? It is always to who can deliver the first beat. Normally decides the first hits. If you begin the fight and is the first blow, then you have won. Because the surprise is the most important thing in a fight. Unless the opponent has a very hard head.

SJ: Could the lost actor Daniel Dae Kim well fight?
I had the most scenes with Alex and actor of the father of Alex. I believe Daniel is very nice, but I was probably too few turn days with him to really can tell you something about him.

SJ: How is your opinion to Remakes in general it? Currently been yes some planned or already completed.
Hm, Yes, they should their chance not ruin (laughs). There never really is something new. Everything is currently done is a remake of an old history or an already to was there one concept in any. As long it correctly implemented, it may be very good. I liked "Hawaii Five-O" much in my youth. The suits, the heroes and the bad guys were great. And I liked the actor Jack Lord, he was cool without trying to be really cool.

SJ: You if the villain again.
Oh yes, I play the greatest villain of the series (laughs).

SJ: If you prefer the villain as the heroes?
Oh yes. I always thought that I would rather play the hero. Last year I was play two of them: the Astronaut Buzz Aldrin and a cowboy who saves a town from a Alien invasion. I ran around all the time in cowboy boots, sweat, and I was concerned. But if you play the villain, you have to just creep around and look awful. And then you are waiting on the sweating heroes and one missed him. Then you go home. It is usually so the villain is as cool as the hero and unfortunately loses the Final battle. I love to play the bad guys. Bad guys age better. The hero acting careers are usually shorter.

James Marsters auf der FedCon
(c) Serienjunkies.de

James Marsters auf der FedCon
© Serienjunkies.de

SJ: Would you go like once in the comedy?
Yes, like. I've played plays probably around 70 to 100 of whom were many comedies.

SJ: Even spike had various comedy moments in Buffy and Angel...
Exactly, we have made it really much. Comedy, drama, even Soap moments are there. I love comedies. Only unfortunately I get cast never for comedies (laughs). And I do not quite understand. I am a stage actor. One would think that such a situation comedy would be easier for me because it is similar to a stage.

SJ: Do you have an idea why you will not get cast for such roles?
Probably I see from simply cool (laughs). No, I really have no idea. I am probably too known for my roles of villains.

SJ: Were you a guest role in the pilot to Hawaii Five-O or can we see more often you?
No, it is not really a guest role. When the series receives the order, I will take a recurring role. And they must include the series, the pilot is just too good. I was told that I was the villain behind the whole. The original was Mr. Miyagi, or something similar (laughs). A Asiate. I will appear in all episodes. But as we come closer to the end, I dive again.
Through its guest performances in "Torchwood" where Marsters Captain John Hart plays, a former partner (and beloved) Jack's time agency.

SJ: we bring to Torchwood.
I love this series.

SJ: Have you sought you actively the role?
I was in London and a friend of mine wanted to reach evening with food, because they new episodes of "Doctor Who" should look. Said if I wanted to eat with her I would order room service and doctor who look. So I did, because I knew no one else in the city. After 15 minutes, I thought that the episode was over because so much happened. I thought that was the fastest ever television time and realized that there are 45 minutes. It was always interesting and at the end, I thought I will play in the series because the authors are simply fantastic. My Manager called Russel T. Davies, the producer of doctor who, and he said "No, that's not." But I have " Torchwood"." And they had this part for which they found none. And then they gave me this great role.

SJ: The script to the opening sequence of season 2 last as you and have read this input scene in the bar. What about thought you?
It was wonderful. I love this situation there is a bisexual hero on television. It is absolutely time for these heroes. This series makes uneasy many of the right people. And I was very happy to be here. When I read the script, I thought this is how fabulous. I would like to travel to Kansas and observe the normal American family while she sees, as Spike kisses a man (laughs).

SJ: Thank you for the beautiful interview.

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