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I’m on cloud nine after meeting James Marsters! (Audio Int/Pics) | @STAR1025

I’m on cloud nine after meeting James Marsters!

I have been a nervous wreck for days. I have been a fan of James Marsters for a long time, but I wanted to be cool, and not be a fan girl.

Didn’t happen.

I was shaky from nerves. Stumbling over my words.

And he was amazing! He had his friend Mark with him, and I recognized Mark right away! They do a video series together and I was so excited to get to meet Mark too! So I did fan girl out. But seriously…James was such an amazing person to meet. Nicer than I could have imagined. I wanted to take a whole hour to talk about  his music, his writing etc…but I had to keep it short.

I will be there tomorrow. he even signed my Buffy the Vampire Slayer books that are episode guides.

Do not miss Wizard World Comic Con!

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