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James Marsters News + Live Journal

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James Marsters and the Marriage Proposal (WonderCon 2010 Video) | YouTube
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James Marsters and the Marriage Proposal

lilith210 May 13, 2010So, James Marsters is amazing. We proposed to him on behalf of my friend's sister. He regretfully declined, but was super awesome guy. I was a fan before, but I think now I might be a fangirl. The next proposal might be for myself.


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He declined because his heart belongs me to rofl
...no really.

That is just too funny! I think you almost had him with the goat . . . maybe if you had a Yak and a Goat he mighta gone for it . . . LOL! I can't believe he can do the vulcan hand thing with BOTH HANDS! Geez! I can't do it at all! He is such a wonderful person - such a character and regular guy . . . . it's really refreshing! How can you NOT love him? Glad to know he's not a slut, he's a whore . . . that's much better! Now, take your shirt off! LOL!

Thanks so much for sharing!

I love this video too. It's always fun to see James just being James. Doesn't hurt that the video's funny as hell, as well. :D

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