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James Marsters: Life with and without Buffy (Interview; English Translation) | @metromontreal

[Jamie's note: This has been translated from the original French via Google Translate; view the original in French at the SOURCE link]

James Marsters: Life with and without Buffy

By Henry Jani Metro World News

Special collaboration James Marsters at the time of Buffy.

Actor James Marsters discusses the 20th anniversary of Buffy the Vampire Slayer ( Buffy the Vampire Slayer ), which is celebrated this year by Runaways, his new project for Marvel, and more.

Since 2017 marks the two decades since the first episode of the legendary Buffy vampire series , Metro has decided to return to the world of Sunnydale, where demons are alongside jeans outfits, with actor James Marsters , or Spike, for the intimates.

Marsters, known for his role as the seductive blonde-haired vampire, loves to meet his fans and frequent several geek conventions when not filming or recording with his band Ghost of the Robot. If you have not had the chance to meet him, do not worry: the actor has revealed to Metro everything you need to know about Buffy, his music and Runaways , his new show that will be available on November 21 on the Hulu streaming platform.

Why do you think the "Buffyverse" has managed to stand the test of time and remain so emblematic?
No matter what you do in life, you hope it will be something important that will last a long time. Being a fan of Star Trek , I told Buffy's shooting team that we would be the new Star Trek . I knew that when you create a fantasy or science fiction program, if you can invent a world that interests people, they keep coming back to it even if they have memorized all the dialogues and if they know the plot. When I looked at Buffy, I recognized that spark of interest. I always said that if you get to present an interesting, terrifying or funny moment every 30 seconds, you have a show that will work. If you get there every 15 seconds, you have a success, and if you can do it every 4 seconds, you have something really special. And I noticed that Buffy was doing it every four seconds, like a clock.

In your opinion, what would Spike's life look like today?
I hope that after 20 years, he would have managed to find what to do with his soul. When the show ended, he was on his way to his redemption. He certainly liked to provoke his old friend Angel [David Boreanaz], but I dare hope that he put this competition behind him. And most importantly, I wish he had become the kind of vampire Buffy deserves. I think the ultimate couple on the show was Buffy and Spike. It could never have happened with Angel, since he loses his soul every time they mate. But I also think he was not yet ready to be with her, he still had to learn. And I believe that getting his soul was the first step. So yes, after 20 years, he would really deserve Buffy.

Can you tell us a bit about your role as a criminal parent in Runaways, the new Marvel series?
All the people I met are at the top of their art and could not be more friendly. The comic is an interesting look at the story of teenagers who realize that their parents are not perfect. In fact, from many angles, they are diabolical. Everyone went through it and it made me think and look at my own life, wondering if I am evil on some points. How will my children look at me? Will they come to the conclusion that I am not good? It's depressing, but I can think of some things. I am part of a generation that leaves them a troubled world. Unfortunately, I can not really tell you more.

You are mostly known for your role in front of the camera, but you are also part of the Ghost of the Robot group. Do you have any plans?
We just met in California with a lot of fans to make them listen to our new album, Pair of Bulls . I could not be more satisfied with the album, it's the best music we've ever done. It's clean, it sparkles and I think it's clear that with each album, we learn more. That evening we did a concert, we put it live on Instagram and Facebook and we reached over 170,000 people. The little concert was not bad, that's good.

We remember the famous musical episode of Buffy. What would you think of adapting it for the stage?
God, that would be great! First of all, because on the stage I would be seen from afar; it would give the impression that I still have the age of Spike. I think the idea holds, and then I come from the boards, so it would be fabulous.

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