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    Sun, 12:01: Pics of the Day: That feeling when you get the popcorn outta the microwave too quickly... *burny burny ouch ouch* Or, uh, just…

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    Sat, 12:01: Pics of the Day: @ JamesMarstersOf, @ olreid, @ sjacobsen22 & @ iamkyleschmid standing about filming Three Inches 2011…

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    Fri, 12:01: Pic of the Day: That time @ JamesMarstersOf got a little worn out... helping @ _su11ivan_ film his Globe Parade music video 2021…

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    Pic of the Day: @JamesMarstersOf getting his cliche vamp look on... @BuffyTVS Season 2 promo pic #JamesMarsters #Spike #Buffy

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    Wed, 20:53: ICYMI Austria Comic Con | James Marsters Unable to Attend Austria Comic Con 18-19 June @ JamesMarstersOf #JamesMarsters

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    Pic of the Day: @JamesMarstersOf looking like a naughty schoolgirl... behind the scenes of #Angel #5.20 "The Girl in Question"…

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    Want to know where James Marsters will be in 2022? Then check out this handy pic! @JamesMarstersOf #JamesMarsters https://t.co/lPpDaDUYns…

  • James Marsters Unable to Attend Austria Comic Con 18-19 June | Austria Comic Con

    Unfortunately James is no longer able to attend Austria Comic Con in June. Per Austria Comic Con: "James Marsters management has advised us that…

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    Pic of the Day: Giving myself a birthday present in the form of @JamesMarstersOf looking super dreamy... #JamesMarsters #HappyBirthdayToMe

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