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James Marsters May 2010 Q&A | JM-TOP

Yesterday at 11:41pm

May 15, 2010

If you could choose one of the following aspects of Spike which would it be? a) His attitude towards life b) His way of loving someone, c) His look (clothes, hair, etc)
His way of loving.

We know that you name your guitars, such as "Malcom" and "Crystal." How do you come up with the names for your guitars?
(Laughs.) I have no idea. The name just pops in my head. I named my tour guitar Chow because it was made in Korea.

You're playing a game. How important is winning to you?
It depends on who I'm playing with. If I'm playing with children then it's most important that they have fun. If I'm playing with my girlfriend then it's most important that she has fun. In all other circumstances I want to win, win, win!

What food reminds you of childhood?
Mmmmmmm. Charleston Chew Candy Bars and giant Pixie Stix.

Would you be likely to survive alone in the wilderness?
Under what conditions? I would put my chances at slightly better than average – which would make me bear meat.

Everyone always asks about crying on cue, how about laughing? What makes you laugh?
Oh. (laughs) Anything! Yeah, if you're in a good mood and not bitter, then it's very easy to laugh on camera. But in fact, it's harder to laugh on camera than it is to cry.


Spring or Fall?

Who do you most relate to, pre-vampire William or Simon from “Chance”? Simon

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