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Exclusive Message from James Marsters | ANightLessOrdinary

freelivetheatre: Just posted an exclusive message from Buffy star James Marsters on www.anightlessordinary.org.uk. Why not treat yourselves & have a look?!

What People Are Saying

We caught up with James Marsters, star of ...

We caught up with James Marsters, star of Buffy and Torchwood recently to ask him why he loves going to the theatre.

He told us:

"When I was 20 years old I saw Jillette Penn of Penn and Teller eat fire. He began on the apron of the stage, halfway into the act he said "You assholes. You think you’re watching television?" and he leapt off the stage and ate fire in front of my face - seriously he was like three feet away. And he showed me the blisters that covered his mouth because he was eating fire. That was a perfect moment in my life.

It taught me that theatre is not safe, nor should it be. Theatre can move the world because it is not safe. It is inherently a dangerous and foolish act and only the very brave even dare watch it."

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