jamie_marsters (dontkillspike) wrote,

James Marsters to Attend Wizard World Des Moines; Unlikely to Attend Philadelphia | @WizardWorld

Just a heads up that Wizard World has re-added Des Moines to James' upcoming shows page, & that he IS listed on the Des Moines page as a guest too. So it seems that Des Moines-ians will be getting to see him in June!

Also, an update re: Philadelphia: Despite Philly being listed on James' individual page, he ISN'T listed on the Philadelphia con page, so with this event being a clash with WhedonCon, it seems unlikely that James will actually be at Philly.

As always, I'll keep you updated as/when there's any more news.

James Marsters Upcoming Wizard World Shows as at 18/02/18

Tags: cast: james marsters, event: des moines comic con, event: philadelphia comic con, event: whedoncon
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