jamie_marsters (dontkillspike) wrote,

James Marsters Wizard World Des Moines FB Live Video Screencaps (inc Gregg Sulkin, Winston Duke +)

Taken from the awesome Wizard World Facebook Live video (see video at the bottom of the post), here are 95 screencaps featuring James Marsters, Gregg Sulkin, Winston Duke, Jim Beaver, Lisa Berry, Elijah Wood, Thomas Ian Nicholas & Lani Sarem.

Click for HQ-er versions; see the video the screencaps were grabbed from at the bottom of the post:

wwdmfbive01.png wwdmfbive03.png wwdmfbive07.png wwdmfbive11.png wwdmfbive13.png wwdmfbive16.png wwdmfbive19.png wwdmfbive24.png wwdmfbive26.png wwdmfbive36.png wwdmfbive40.png wwdmfbive44.png wwdmfbive47.png wwdmfbive54.png wwdmfbive57.png wwdmfbive66.png wwdmfbive70.png wwdmfbive72.png wwdmfbive81.png wwdmfbive84.png wwdmfbive91.png wwdmfbive93.png wwdmfbive95.png

These have uploaded in backwards order, so the beginning starts at the end of page 5 of the gallery, then continues backwards.

See all 95 screencaps here

Tags: cast: gregg sulkin, cast: james marsters, event: des moines comic con, event: des moines comic con pics, james marsters pics

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