jamie_marsters (dontkillspike) wrote,

GIVEAWAY!! (Part 1) Win James Marsters Solo Albums "Civilized Man" & "Like a Waterfall"!!

UPDATED 22/07/18: Winner announced!!

Stay tuned for Part 2, when I near 10k followers again!

So, I came to the realisation recently that I've almost reached 10k Twitter followers (which, what?!), & decided that I needed to do something to celebrate; So I present to you Part 1* of my 'Big Twitter 10k Giveaway Bonanza'!

Would you like to win a copy James Marsters solo albums "Civilized Man" (hard to find) & "Like a Waterfall" (impossible to find!)? Of course you would! Simply RT the below tweet & follow me on Twitter to enter! The winner will be chosen at random & announced via my Twitter when I reach 10k followers.

If you're not on Twitter & would still like to enter, then comment on this post with your name (or username) & your email address & I'll add you to the running! You don't have to be registered on LiveJournal to comment, there are various OpenID/FB, etc login options, or you can simply comment annonymously (but be sure to include your name & contact details if you do!). I'll screen all comments on this post so that your details will only be seen by me.

Also, feel free to share this post with your friends across whatever social media platforms you'd like (see the share buttons below, or the + button at the top of this entry); let's give everyone a chance to win!

Click for HQ pics

Img_0348.jpg Img_0351.jpg Img_0353.jpg Img_0356.jpg

Full disclosure regarding the CDs I'm giving away: They are not new; these are my personal copies that have been sitting in my collection for many years, so there's slight scratching on the covers, but the discs themselves are in perfect condition (and as I mentioned above, extremely hard to come by!)!

*Stay tuned for Part 2, coming after I've reached the Big 10k!

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