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Best SF Characters Ever

dgolder | Features, Fun Stuff | 02/06/2010 11:06am

VOTE for your favourite SF characters ever in our massive SFX issue 200 poll

Can you believe it? SFX is nearly 200 issues old! And to celebrate we want you to help us create the ultimate list of the 200 best SF characters ever.

Who are your favourites? Buffy? Edward Cullen? The Stainless Steel Rat? Darth Vader? The Doctor? Superman? Gul Dukat? You can chose from goodies or baddies; from comics, TV, books, video games or comics; from humans, robots or other creatures. There are no limits… except they have to be from SF or fantasy, of course (yeah, we know you love Malcolm Tucker, but until there are flying saucers in The Thick Of It he doesn’t count, okay?)

Submitting your entries couldn’t be easier: just list your top five (in any order) and tell us where they’re from (just in case you’re voting for something really obscure or there are characters with the same name from different sources) and either post them in the comments section below, or submit them to this thread on the SFX forum, or email them to us at sfx@futurenet.com.

We’ll be revealing the results on site here over five days, in the week commencing 23 August (that’s the week SFX#200 goes on sale, on the Wednesday).

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