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SFX Vampire Special - Top 50 Vampires + 2009 James Marsters Interview

SFX Vampire Special - Top 50 Vampires
Posted by Sky on 06.06.2010
ENGLISH: At the occasion of release of the second issue of SFX Vampire Special magazine, SFX has posted on-line the list of Top 50 Vampires as they were voted last year by fans for the first vampire special magazine edition. As you might remember, the no. 1 vampire was (is :D) Spike. And because the results are online now, I have added scans of the last year's issue of the special edition to the gallery; the scans include an interview with James. You can find the same interview in the press archive now too and that's because of wonderful Deb, who transcribed it. Thank you Deb (please do not repost it without her permission).
Tags: cast: james marsters, character: spike, james marsters interview, magazine: sfx, magazine: sfx pics

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