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Poll: Who’s your all-time favorite TV vampire? (Vote for James Marsters' Spike)

Poll: Who’s your all-time favorite TV vampire?

by Debbie McDuffee

There are a lot of TV vampires worth voting for ... will you be able to choose just one? Elaborate in the comments and let us know if we didn't nominate your favorite.

spike angel 768461 150x150 Poll: Whos your all time favorite TV vampire?In dreaming up this poll, I really thought it would be an easy one. There couldn’t be that many choices, though I did suspect that the results would be spread out across the board (can’t wait to see!). After all, the shows that gave us these awesome vampire characters have a bit of a cult following (deliberate understatement there … I get that you guys are RABID!).

What I didn’t realize until I started researching was that there was vampire life on TV before Buffy the Vampire Slayer . Who knew? In all seriousness, I did know, but I didn’t kn0w how many shows there actually were.
Let’s see what some of our CliqueClack staffers felt were appropriate nominations:

stefan damon 150x150 Poll: Whos your all time favorite TV vampire?JULIA: I just know that if Spike isn’t included, shitfits will be had.

JAY: Jeff Zucker. Sucked the soul right out of NBC.

TARA: My sister is about 15 years older than me, and used to demand I watch Barnabas Collins with her on Dark Shadows. He scared the poop outta me, but she knew to bribe me with Nestle Quik. Here’s a quote from the scariest vampire of them all:

“For most men, time moves slowly, oh so slowly, they don’t even realize it. But time has revealed itself to me in a very special way. Time is a rushing, howling wind that rages past me, withering me in a single, relentless blast, and then continues on. I’ve been sitting here passively, submissive to its rage, watching its work. Listen! Time, howling, withering!”

BRETT: A bit off the beaten path I’m sure, but my pick would be Krista Starr (Jill Wagner) in Blade. I maintain that if the show would have been Krista, instead of Blade, it would have done much better. And if you want to go the other way… far and away my all time least favorite vampire is Bill Compton (Stephen Moyer) in True Blood. I go into every episode hoping this is the one where they get rid of Bill for good. With that in mind, Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård) should be on the list of choices.

RUBY: As the resident Sanctuary fan, I will nominate Tesla.

MICHAEL: I remember Barry Atwater as the vampire Janos Skorzeny on Kolchak: The Night Stalker … freaked … me … out … as a kid back in the day.

Yeah. So I’m dating myself. What’s it to you?

BOB: The poll is probably destined to get a little Buffy-heavy, but I have to nominate Harmony Kendall, she was definitely a… unique vampire in the television world. Plus, the Xander/Harmony fight in Buffy is perhaps my favorite moment from the entire series.

IVEY: Since Spike and Eric are already mentioned, I’ll throw in my next two favorites: Darla and Dru.

KONA: I actually don’t think I’ve ever watched a show with a vampire in it. Is that weird? [Yes. yes it is. Very much so.]

JULIA: If you do Spike AND Angel together, though, you’ll have a bloodbath. Heh. Bloodbath.

Actually, the Spike/Angel thing is similar to the Eric/Bill thing on True Blood, from what I’ve seen of fandom. You may need separate polls: blond bad boys who aren’t SUPPOSED to be the love interest versus the dark-haired broody guy who is.

And Kona, don’t feel weird, I’ve watched about half of Buffy until Joss just made me too sad every time I tuned in instead of able to ignore the campy humor (there are only so many people he can kill before it just becomes too painful, okay?), and there’s never been another vampire show good enough to distract me from the fact that, uh, vampires, which I’ve never gotten the allure of.

I’ve always preferred werewolves, ever since Remus Lupin.


Who's your all-time favorite TV vampire?

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Spike was ahead for a while, but now he's way down the bottom of the ladder, coming in at 10th place! So if you haven't voted already, be sure to! And get your friends to vote too! :)

I voted even 3 times from 3 different computers and posted the link in Spuffy, Spike friendly forums. And I'm so annoyed - There are some vamps are over Spike that I haven't heard about them before... and that silly git Stefan Salvatore is second I like Damon - he's really hot and reminds me of Spike, but Stefan sucks badly - Angel is much better than him, not mention Spike! :((

Yeah, it came out of nowhere, as well. Spike was nicely in the lead one day, then the next he's behind by like 500 votes.

I'm gonna assume some Vampire Diaries fans shared the link as well, and that upped the voting for them.

And I completely agree with you about Stefan. I, too, am a Damon fan, but Stefan does nothing for me.

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