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Hawaii Five-O - "Pilot" (#1.1) Review (James Marsters mention) | @HercSpoils

Herc (from AICN) Tweeted several spoiler-filled tidbits about the Hawaii Five-O pilot:

HercSpoils In the "Hawaii Five-0" pilot, there is no Five-0.  The word "Five-0" is never spoken.

HercSpoils Grace Park is introduced in her bikini, then later ordered to strip to her less-revealing bra & panties.  Those scenes are the pilot's best.

HercSpoils The superskinny Grace Park is so much more monstrously hot in a bikini than she is in colonial combat gear. She may be all this show needs.

HercSpoils James Marsters does indeed seem to be playing this version's Wo Fat.

HercSpoils In this version, Danno Willams is a cop just off the boat from New Jersey.

HercSpoils In this version, McGarrett is a Navy SEAL commander recruited by the Hawaiian governor (Jean Marsh) to start a new task force.

HercSpoils Chin Ho Kelly is a ex-cop tossed off the Honolulu PD; he was framed for taking payoffs. McGarrett's pop & Chin were cops together.

HercSpoils Kona (Grace Park) is Chin's hot surfer cousin, just about to graduate from the police academy.

HercSpoils ... McGarrett builds his team of four: the outsider, the rookie and the vet who does things The Hawaiian Way.

HercSpoils The pilot is structurally similar to The Untouchables, as ...

HercSpoils McGarrett and Williams bicker a lot.

HercSpoils The pilot has at least a couple of cool (and I assumed CGI-enhanced) vehicular stunts.

HercSpoils William Sadler plays McGarrett's dad.  I thought Taryn Manning played McGarrett's kid sister, but that character is not in the pilot I got.

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