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James Marsters Philadelphia Comic Con Q&A Videos x 9 | YouTube

These videos come from, Treekthin, and are shot from right in front of the stage, so you can see James nice and close. :)

James Marsters Q&A Part 1

Treekthin — June 20, 2010 — Questions: As a classically trained actor what was it like to be given the role of such an out of control character as Spike?

James Marsters Q&A Part 2

Treekthin — June 20, 2010 — Questions: We've heard that Joss Whedon and you didn't get along, is that true?

James Marsters Q&A Part 3

Treekthin — June 20, 2010 — Someone told James it was their friends birthday and requested he say happy birthday in the spike voice. I missed the actual birthday wish, but caught him calling himself a performing monkey.

James Marsters Q&A Part 4

Treekthin — June 20, 2010 — Questions:

Do you have a favorite or least favorite costume from a show or movie?

Do you prefer playing the villain or the hero?

What was it like filming the scene in Torchwood where Captain Jack walks into the bar, and the two of you make out and start beating the shit out of each other, especially the kissing part?

James Marsters Q&A Part 5

Treekthin — June 20, 2010 — Questions: What was it like to play Buzz Aldrin?

James Marsters Q&A Part 6

Treekthin — June 20, 2010 — Questions:

How did you feel about the rape scene in Buffy?

As far as ad-libbing did you get do a lot of that on Angel and Buffy, and if not, where did you get to most and did you enjoy it?

Do you think you could improve on Patrick Stewart's performance in Macbeth?

How long did it take to put the vampire make up on you, and can I buy you lunch?

James Marsters Q&A Part 7

Treekthin — June 20, 2010 — Questions: Have you ever thought about trying your hand at writing a series?

James Marsters Q&A Part 8

Treekthin — June 20, 2010 — Questions: How did you feel about filming the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Musical?

James Marsters Q&A Part 9

Treekthin — June 20, 2010 — Questions:

I believe the first question was something like what character have you played that was most like you?

What's your favorite medium, stage television movies?

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