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James Marsters Marvel's Runaways Season 3 Teaser Trailer Screencaps

Despite the fact there seemed to only be a couple of tidbits of James in the trailer, turns out there was quite a bit of him!

Beware there seems to be a rather large SPOILER in these caps (avoid the last bunch if you don't wanna be spoiled)

Click for HQ pics

IMG_00289.png IMG_00294.png IMG_00315.png IMG_00316.png IMG_00317.png IMG_00318.png IMG_00318a.png IMG_00319.png IMG_00320.png IMG_00321.png IMG_00322.png IMG_00323.png IMG_00324.png IMG_00325.png IMG_00326.png IMG_00327.png IMG_00362.png IMG_00363.png IMG_00364.png IMG_00365.png IMG_00377.png IMG_00378.png IMG_00379.png IMG_00380.png IMG_00381.png IMG_00382.png IMG_00383.png IMG_00384.png IMG_00385.png IMG_00386.png IMG_00387.png

IMG_00482.png IMG_00484.png IMG_00485.png IMG_00486.png IMG_00487.png IMG_00488.png IMG_00489.png IMG_00490.png IMG_00491.png IMG_00492.png IMG_00493.png IMG_00494.png IMG_00495.png IMG_00496.png IMG_00497.png

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