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ON THE ROAD with Kevin Weisman (BTS Marvel's Runaways video ft James Marsters) | @kevinweisman

ON THE ROAD with Kevin Weisman. Episode 5: Rap Battles and Season Wraps.

Hit the road with KW as he traverses behind the scenes of Marvel's Runaways on the Paramount Backlot, Downtown LA and more... Check out the third and final season of #Marvelsrunaways, December 13th on @hulu and @disneyplus. Thank you to the cast and crew for three memorable years! For more videos, check out youtube.com/kevinweisman. See ya out there. Special appearances by @kevinweisman @anniewershing @greggsulkin @rhenzyfeliz @jamesmartsterof @lyrica.okano, @ginnygardner, @brittishibashi, @allegraacosta, @ryansands, @brigidbrannagh, #marvel and #maddogandmoney.

Watch the complete video above, or check out just the James-y bits below:

Tags: #maddogandmoney, #marvel, #marvelsrunaways, cast: allegra acosta, cast: annie wersching, cast: brigid brannagh, cast: brittany ishibashi, cast: gregg sulkin, cast: james marsters, cast: kevin weisman, cast: lyrica okano, cast: rhenzy feliz, cast: ryan sands, cast: virginia gardner, james marsters video, tv: marvels runaways, tv: marvels runaways video

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