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James Marsters' Gold Coast Supanova Expo Schedule | @SupanovaExpo

UPDATED 4/3/20: Full Gold Coast Event Guide PDF, including map, exhibitors list, timetables and more

James Marsters Schedule:

Friday Mar 13

Saturday Mar 14

2:35 PM

10:30 AM

Photo Ops

Photo Ops

Nebula Photography Booth

Nebula Photography Booth



5:30 PM

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM

Photo Ops

James Marsters Panel

Nebula Photography Booth

Nickelodeon Theatre




4:00 PM


Photo Ops


Nebula Photography Booth




6:00 PM


James Marsters LIVE Concert


Nickelodeon Theatre


Check the SOURCE link for the most recent version

The timetables are here, Supa-Fans! Click or tap the below schedules to get the full sized PDFs, and start planning your Supanova weekends now!

Gold Coast Timetable

There’s a few surprise activities in our event guides that we can’t reveal just yet, but as soon as everything’s 100% finalised, we’ll be releasing those with the full map, list of exhibitors and much more – hopefully very, very soon!

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