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James Marsters March 2010 Official Q&A | @JamesMarstersOf

Back in the day, James Marsters' old official websites used to post a monthly Q&A session with James, & I'm reposting those Q&As every week for a bit of fun (& nostalgia)! (Skipped last week's due to my retweeting all of your fave James pics to help celebrate James' birthday; check them out here & here) Enjoy this week's Q&A from March 2010:

March 2010

What song did you start to play in the deleted scene for P.S. I Love You? Everyone loves that scene.
Oh, that was Too Fast, that I wrote. I had to use something that I wrote so they didn’t have to deal with any copyrights.

Should the individual or society be of primary importance?
Uh, well society exists to give succor to the individual. There’s no reason for society if it doesn’t serve the individual, so the individual does come first. I’m an American, though, so I’m gonna say that. If I was Chinese, I might tell you the opposite.

Are you a good swimmer?
I’m a very good swimmer. I was trained at the YMCA in Modesto to the level of “Shark”, which is just below lifeguard.

What do you think of Joss Whedon’s comment that “Buffy was in love with Spike the moment their hands clasped” in the finale?
Yeah, I believe that. Only then was he a true hero, only then did he truly sacrifice himself for other people and only then did he truly deserve her.

Food you hated as a child, but came to like as an adult?
Nothing. I still hate lima beans, I still hate liver, and I still hate brussel sprouts.

As an actor, you have died onstage and onscreen several times. Which were your most and least favorite deaths to perform and why?
My least favorite was on Lie to Me because I wanted more dialogue with Tim Roth and Jennifer Beals. My favorite was my first death on Smallville because I knew it was meaningless. Dying isn’t good.

Decade? My favorite decade? Right now!!
Amusement park ride? Rollercoaster- an old-fashioned wooden roller coaster.
James Bond? I would have said Sean Connery until Craig. But now it’s Daniel Craig. Yeah. He’s the dirtiest, he’s a real killer. You really would not want to have dinner with that guy. I love it – he’s so nasty!

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