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James Marsters August 2010 Official Q&A | @JamesMarstersOf

Back in the day, James Marsters' old official websites used to post a monthly Q&A session with James, & I'm reposting those Q&As every week for a bit of fun (& nostalgia)! Enjoy this week's Q&A from August 2010:

August 2010

Was there a big epiphany when you turned 40?
No epiphany but gradually my crotch let go of my brain which was liberating.

Can you remember your first line ever?
Hell no! I don’t remember what my line was yesterday. It was Eeyore complaining about something, that much I know. (Laughs)

Do you think it’s more enjoyable to lose yourself in the world of “soft sci-fi” like Star Wars and Star Trek or to “ruin the fun” by watching documentaries on what technology in those universes is feasible and what is not?
I like to ruin the fun. But frankly, what particle physics is telling us at this point is that nothing is impossible.

How are your improv skills? Not within the structure of a scene you’ve memorized for a shoot, but more like from the acting exercise days…like, you and another actor are told: “you are a married couple stuck in an elevator in a hotel fire. Action!”
I’m not a genius but good enough to explore the scene. I’m a really good straight man. But if you want it to be funny, that’s not me.

Do you prefer lace or leather on a woman?
Skin. Get all the leather off, get all the lace off – take it off. Skin is the softest thing you’ve ever touched in your life.

What do you wish you had more time to do, besides sleep?
I wish I had more time with my kids. They’re really becoming interesting people now and they’re beginning to do things now that I can’t do, so I want to go learn from them.

Did you and Alex O’Loughlin share vampire stories on the Hawaii Five-0 set?
No. What we shared was stunts. Alex is a certified stunt man in Australia. I’m certified for stage. So, what we shared was, “I can’t wait to get to set so these stunt men learn who we are!” (Big laugh) He and I committed robbery that day. We made the stunt guys sit down and relax, which is almost impossible. Alex is the man. He is a mountain of muscle and I’m working out like crazy because the next time I fight that guy, he’s gonna kick my ass again. Last time I fought him, I couldn’t move my arms for two days.

Which is more difficult – to act like you are breaking someone’s neck, or to act like your neck is being broken by someone else?
It’s much harder to get beaten up than it is to beat someone up. You always have to fall down when you’re getting beaten up and that’s problematic for me. (laughs)

Real or fake Christmas trees?
I hate to say it but fake. They have all these lights in them now and they sparkle and dance. They’re beautiful!

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