jamie_marsters (dontkillspike) wrote,

The SFX Weekender: Relive The Highlights (video feat James Marsters) | SFX

The SFX Weekender: Relive The Highlights*

dgolder | Features, Photo Features | 17/07/2010 13:25pm

A star-packed video giving a taste of fun to be had at the 2009 SFX Weekender, and a reason why you should be booking up for the SFX Weekender 2

For more information on The SFX Weekender 2 click here.

(* Except the Blastermind pub quiz. Which clearly just looked like a pub full of pissed SF fans, but it was a highlight)

Tags: cast: james marsters, event: sfx weekender, event: sfx weekender video
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