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[James Marsters] Spike Comics at San Diego Comic Con | SlayAlive

Brian Lynch reveals [James Marsters] Spike Comics coverage at San Diego Comic Con:

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 Re: SPIKE # 1 Q and A
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You're right, it's Jenny!

Hey, anyone at San Diego Comic Con, come on down to the IDW table at 12:30 tomorrow for a huge ANGEL signing. I'll be there. And be sure to check out the enormous SPIKE series banner (featuring Franco's cover).

And there is an IDW panel on Saturday. I'll be on that too, and I will answer any questions you guys have about SPIKE or, you know, anything I've done with IDW. Seriously, I will spoil away!

Be sure to go to your comics shoppe and ask them to get SPIKE #1. There are so many ANGELVERSE books, I don't want it to get lost. We need numbers to keep it going! Thanks everyone! Much love!

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