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Exclusive Interview: CAPRICA and SMALLVILLE's James Marsters is Pure Evil (video) | BuzzFocus

Exclusive Interview: Caprica and Smallville's James Marsters is Pure Evil

He’s Brainiac (Smallville). He’s Barnabas Greeley (Caprica). James Marsters is pure evil on screen. In this interview, we discuss Marsters’ cult fame in delivering time-tested villainy on TV.

“Villains are really fun,” Marsters jokes, while instilling enough fear to make even Sinestro from Green Lantern a little jealous. “Playing heroes is really, really hard. You have to feel guilty. You have to run a lot. You have to get beat up and fall down a lot.” Feeling guilty is hard? You just have to laugh because Marsters cool and fun-loving exterior may hide a shadowy villain waiting to bust loose. Thankfully, he found his outlet on camera instead of the real world. Marsters continues, “When you play the villain you just lurk.”

Check out this interview for more from Marsters and the future of Greeley when Caprica returns.


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