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From Twitter 08-01-2010

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Tags: audio, audiobook: dresden files, calendar updates, cast: james marsters, event: chicago comic con, event: fan expo canada, event: phoenix comicon, event: san diego comic con, spike comics, tv: buffy, tv: caprica, tv: caprica video, tv: smallville, twitter updates, video game: dc universe online

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    Pics of the Day: James & Sullivan Marsters performing "Vandals" on Facebook live back in 2018 @JamesMarstersOf #JamesMarsters

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    Pics of the Day: When the camera just can't handle 2 hot James' at the same time... so one must always be ever-so-slightly blurry... to…

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    Pic of the Day: James Marsters, Clare Kramer, Kristine Sutherland & a couple hundred or so new friends... at @KLZ_FanMeets #BuffyAngelFanMeet

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