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James Marsters News + Live Journal

For all the latest from & about James Marsters!

DKSC Twitter Updates
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DKSC/Bloody Board/Calendar Twitter Updates:

  • 00:30 Examiner.com - An Interview with the Vampire Followers (James Marsters Fans): bit.ly/ySdta #
  • 00:36 A couple more Whedonverse Bloody Board updates: dontkillspike.proboards.com Including a James Marsters article; SMG sighting & more #
  • 14:12 HuffingtonPost.com - DVDs: "Hannah Montana" VS James Marsters' "Dragonball" (reviews): bit.ly/f3y1o #
  • 14:14 Whedonverse Bloody Board updates: dontkillspike.proboards.com Including news; interviews; reviews; cast sightings; spoilers & more #
  • 15:04 DVDTown.com - James Marsters' "Dragonball: Evolution" DVD Review: bit.ly/M02al #
  • 17:11 Zap2It/SpoilerTV - James Marsters' "Lie to Me" episode/character revealed: Assistant District Attorney Jay Pollack: bit.ly/HRYTb #
  • 23:52 Another Whedonverse Bloody Board update: dontkillspike.proboards.com Just the one: A Sarah Michelle Gellar sighting #
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