May 18th, 2010

con news

James Marsters Phoenix Comicon Reminder | JM-TOP

James Marsters - The Official Page PHOENIX COMICON is only 2 weeks away! Just a reminder that James will be doing a concert Saturday night (tickets can be pre-purchased at Also, there will be "Coffee With James" sessions on Sunday morning - the bidding sheets will be located at his autograph signing table Friday and Saturday
Phoenix Comicon, the signature pop culture event of the southwest.


Cage Match: Angel vs. Damon Salvatore (incl. James Marsters Spike results)

The latest Vampire Cage Match is up, and not only does it include the results from the Spike vs. The Master match-up, it also has an awesome shout-out to the Don't Kill Spike Club! *yay* So be sure to head on over to vote in this round, and leave a comment for Chris, if you're so inclined. :)

Further, I predict the winner of this round (whomever that may be), will likely be the vamp most likely to give Spike a run for his money, so vote wisely...

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