September 22nd, 2010


ReCaprica - Caprica: Season 1 (video feat James Marsters) | Syfy

Syfy You can catch up to #Caprica in 4 min and 43 seconds with the brilliantly named recap "ReCaprica" -

JM_Live Need a plot refresher for CAPRICA?  Well, here it is!

ReCaprica - Caprica : Season 1

Ever hear about the angry teen who brought about the end of the world? Well hold onto your holobands and let's Re-Caprica. New episodes begin Tuesday October 5 10/9C.

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hawaii five-0

HAWAII FIVE-0: Will James Marsters Be Back? | Fancast

I caught a sneak peek of CBS’ ‘Hawaii Five-O‘ and loved it! Will James Marsters be back? He’s such a good bad guy. – Melissa
When I asked ‘H50′ exec producer Alex Kurtzman that question at TCA, he said that McGarrett & Co. will contend with “several recurring bad guys,” Marsters’ Victor Hesse perhaps included. But with James currently busy filming the Syfy pilot ‘Three Inches,’ “Nothing is confirmed as of yet,” a CBS rep informs me.