October 14th, 2010

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James Marsters Original Song Acapella @ NYCC2010 Panel (video) | YouTube

James Marsters Original Song Acapella @ NYCC2010 Panel

reidhcooper | October 12, 2010
I've seen this posted a bunch and while others have a better image, their sound quality was horrible. My camera has this wonderful ability of capturing sound at concert events as if it's plugged directly into sound system.

Also, no one seemed to make mention explaining exactly what the song is. While James does explain the inspiration, he chose to NOT mention the film that inspired it. Said film was called "High Plains Invaders". It's from 2009 and originally aired on SyFy, but is now DVD. Indeed the lead character Marsters plays is about to be hung to death in it. Then aliens come. Yes, I'm serious. I'm betting the movie is no where as good as the song, but I'm sure James still had fun making it.

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