October 27th, 2010

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The Bloody Board Cracked

As some of you may have already realised, I've been forced to delete The Bloody Board, as a result of this article. The board was attacked to such a degree that I had no hopes of being able to delete posts and ban users or keep up with the amount of spam the board was being inundated with.
As a result, I'll, obviously, be no longer posting James or Whedonverse news there anymore. However I will still be posting to the DKSC mailing list, as well as posting major James news/updates on my LJ and Twitter, so you'll still be getting James-related news via those places.
The only thing that will really change, is that I'll no longer be posting news/articles, etc relating to everything else Whedonverse at The Bloody Board. So for those of you who were members or guests who visited The Bloody Board to keep up to date with everything Whedonverse, you'll no longer be able to do so.
Like I said, I'll continue to post everything James-related through the mailing list, LJ and Twitter, as I have been, so it's not really that much of a big loss, unless you're looking for anything else.
I also want to say thanks to everyone that's offered to help, or that have simply taken the time to say "That sucks." It's much appreciated. :)
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