March 22nd, 2012

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Welcome to Sunnydale Event Ticket Sale (James Marsters attending) | @SpotlightEvents

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5 hours ago

Première vente pour Welcome to Sunnydale - Convention Buffy samedi 24 Mars à 18h. Photoshoot 45 Euros et autographes 30 Euros de James Marsters. // First sale for Welcome to Sunnydale Convention Saturday March 24 at 6PM. Photoshoot 45 Euros and autographs 30 Euros for James Marsters.
Achetez vos billets sur le site de l'évènement. Weezevent - solution de billetterie et d'inscriptions en ligne.

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Calgary Expo Photo Ops Now Available (inc James Marsters) | @CalgaryExpo

The time has come! Photo Ops are now available for purchasing!! We've streamlined the process so login using Facebook or register by following this link and you'll be able to start buying your photo ops of choice! The schedule will be made available ASAP!

Calgary Expo
Our Photo Op process is being revamped for this year! If you purchase your Photo Ops online, you will not have to lineup for your barcode and timeslot. You will only need to lineup when it's that Media Guest's timeslot. Please stay tuned for Photo Op details, Media Guests, and scheduling.