April 14th, 2012


Exclusive Juicy News: (James Marsters) SPIKE & WILLOW Mini-Series Q&A | Buffyfest

Exclusive Juicy News: 'Spike' & 'Willow' Mini-Series Q&A

We spoke to Dark Horse editor Scott Allie just before C2E2 and got the scoop about some new projects that have now been announced at the expo. Not only is a Spike 5-issue Mini-Series launching August 22nd, but Willow's Mini has also been given a release date of November 21. On top of all of that, Dark Horse has a new book titled Ex Sanguine coming out in October that'll vibe with our favorite type of story, those oh-so-romantic vampires. Check out all the deets below, straight from the (dark) horse's mouth:

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