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James Marsters News + Live Journal

For all the latest from & about James Marsters!

James Marsters Philadelphia Comic Con Photos | JM-TOP
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Phildelphia Comic Con


James Marsters Philadelphia Comic Con Videos x 8 (inc full Buffyfest Q&A) | YouTube
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Here are 8 videos of James Marsters from Wizard World's Philadelphia Comic Con, including the full Buffyfest Q&A; with thanks to Beloved77, salchli, LCTRECOOL, IllyriaGodKing, & hatchetjuggalo17:

James Marsters Philadelphia Comic Con 2012 - Embarrassing MomentCollapse )

James Marsters 6/2/12 SigningCollapse )

James Marsters & "Three-Ways" 6/1/12Collapse )

James Marsters "Hello Eye Candy"Collapse )

James Marsters on Kissing John BarrowmanCollapse )

I ask James Marsters a QuestionCollapse )

James Marsters Q&ACollapse )

Buffyfest Wizard World 6-3-12 Kristy Swanson, James Marsters, Amber Benson & more!Collapse )

James Marsters Tumblr Posts (inc pics & videos) | gotrmusic
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GhostoftheRobot: 'What the Hell...?' Round 5 Revealed! - I’m having fun with this. The last pic is one of my personal... http://t.co/NevvtPxe

GhostoftheRobot: Photo: Here’s something tasty! ‘What the Hell…?’ Round 6! What do you suppose this is? http://t.co/bFVvqLU8

GhostoftheRobot: Video: Here’s an interview that I conducted of my co-star, Michelle Ryan, the Bionic Woman herself! We were... http://t.co/svwnlMCw

GhostoftheRobot: Video: A minute later she turned the tables, and the camera, to ask me a few questions. Michelle is... http://t.co/W0EHZdGw

GhostoftheRobot: Video: And on a more musical note, here is Sullivan showing us a battle scar at a live show with his old... http://t.co/J1JYA9rL


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