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James Marsters News + Live Journal

For all the latest from & about James Marsters!

James Marsters Chicago Comic Con Videos x 5 (inc Buffyfest Q&A) | YouTube
con news
Here are 5 videos of James Marsters from Chicago Comic Con, including the Buffyfest Q&A; with thanks to scarletibis24, wblackwe28, & HonestReviewsCorner Corner:

Buffy Panel Wizard World Chicago Pt 1Collapse )

Buffy Panel Wizard World Chicago Pt2Collapse )

James Marsters Gets Birthday SurpriseCollapse )

Buffy Fest - Wizard World - Chicago 2012 - Full Panel - Part 1Collapse )

James Masters panel at Chicago Comic ConCollapse )

James Marsters Montreal Comic Con Concert Tickets Sale/Quick Hello Videos | @Mtlcomiccon
con news
Tickets to the James Marsters Concert for Friday September 14h will be going on sale tomorrow, Tuesday Aug 14th after 4pm. They can only be purchased through our website.
NOTE: This is a separately ticketed event; it is NOT included with ANY entry pass. You MUST have a valid pass for Montreal Comiccon that includes Friday entry to attend.

Videos Behind the CutCollapse )

James Marsters Tumblr Post: Birthday Thanks | gotrmusic
dksc lj
Thanks to all those who helped me celebrate my Birthday in Chicago last weekend. I’m just getting to all the wonderful presents you lavished on me. I’m a very lucky man to have so many people who are glad that I was born.


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dksc lj
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