March 18th, 2013


Message (and Candid Photo) from James Marsters | JM-TOP

I'm back!
This is a pic I took with my phone this morning. It's me before coffee, and soap. I don't let anyone see me like this, not even my loved ones. I pull a pillow case over my head until after at least the first 'cup of joe', but I woke up in an especially good mood.
I was thinking about the online concert my band Ghost of the Robot will be playing on April 6th. We've played all over the world, and where ever we go people say they want us to come to their home town. Now we are, everyone's home town all at once! Tix are available through 'Stageit' using the link below (or just click on the Ghost of the Robot tab above) and are pay what you can. So, if you have 10 cents you can see us live! We'll be coming to you from Tahoe Production House, a brand new film and recording studio in Lake Tahoe, so we're going to look and sound awesome!
Pick up your pass and help us break the 'Stageit' record for ticket sales. We're halfway there already!

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