June 21st, 2013

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GeekNation's Tweet Out: Ep. 62: James Marsters Part Two (video interview) | @GeekNation

Tweet Out: Ep. 62: James Marsters Part Two

“Buffy the Vampire Slayer” star James Marsters answers even more of your Twitter questions in part two of his Tweet Out, tackling topics like The Great Gatsby (the book and the movie), audio book recordings, what he would never do again, whether or not he’d bleach his hair again, and much more!

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metal hurlant chronicles

James Marsters Currently Filming Season 2 of METAL HURLANT CHRONICLES | @CivilizedJames/@MattMisirac

@CivilizedJames: The cat is out of the bag & I'm allowed to say it, James Marsters is currently shooting the 2nd season of Metal Hurlant Chronicles! @JM_Live

@MattMisiraca: With James Marsters #metalhurlantchronicles #bucarest #castelfilm #jamesmarsters http://instagram.com/p/a0RozCAaOT/

@MattMisiraca: Palinka !!! @ Taverna Sârbului http://instagram.com/p/atnhWsgaDq/

@MattMisiraca: With James ... http://instagram.com/p/atp55tgaHd/

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